(don't) look

(don’t) look closely at my feet
my never had a pedicure feet
my jammed into running shoes for hours on end feet
my barefoot in the garden feet
my carry me up and down mountains feet

(don’t) look closely at my hands
my never had a manicure hands
my bit my fingernails all my life hands
my veins pushing upward through sun and time worn wrinkles hands
my wheelbarrow pushing hands

(don’t) look closely at my hair
my pulled into a ponytail at dawn and forgotten about hair
my cut it myself twice a year hair
my sweaty woods run and stacking firewood in the humidity hair
my more than half-century grays taking center stage now hair

(don’t) look closely at my face
my never had a facial face
my don’t use fancy skin products face
my often forget the sunscreen face

these crow’s feet, these once subtle now deepening laugh lines
shoot out from the corners of my eyes
like a cartoon sun